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10. Interview: Applying NLI – Empowering the Ecosystem

Live. TV-Studio auf der Communication World 2011

Tag: Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

Zeitslot: 13:20 bis 13:40 Uhr

Interviewpartner: Michel van Dorp, VP Channel Sales & Alliances, Artifical Solutions


Michel van Dorp has more than 20 years experience in software industry, of which 10 specifically focused on customer interactions. After 2 years running the professional services and operations within Artificial Solutions he now develops business with channels and alliances, who can use the Teneo Platform (R) themselves to implement Natural Language Interaction capabilities for mobile apps/devices and online interaction channels (web, mail, etc.). Before joining Artificial Solutions, Michel held sales & professional services management positions at Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories and Progress Software Europe B.V.

Titel: Applying NLI – Empowering the Ecosystem

• Explaining stakeholders in applying the NLI technology
• Explaining what is new
• Illustrating the meachanism of the Ecosystem
• Examples of what we expect to happen next

• Introduction to the interview!
• Please be so kind to introduce yourself shortly!
• Articial Solutions is an expert in the natural language interaction technology. What is NLI and what does it mean to NLI enable interactive applications, especially on a mobile device?
• A lot of people know the famous mobile app „Talking Tom“, which is also based on speech recognition technology. What is the difference between speech recognition and natural language interaction?
• How do companies profit by using NLI?
• What will bring NLI new to the app stores and app developers?
• What will be the business models behind?
• What do you think will this technology totally change the future of mobile apps?
• When will this be available?




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