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16. Interview: Secure Mobile VoIP and Data enabled by Secfone and Secbox


Live. TV-Studio auf der Communication World 2011


Tag: Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

Zeitslot: 14:00 bis 14:20 Uhr

Interviewpartner: Gabor Kuti, CEO, Navayo Technologies


Gabor Kuti is the founder and CEO of Navayo Research Kft.

Titel: Secure Mobile VoIP and Data enabled by Secfone and Secbox

• Patented MVCN Concept
Navayo is the inventor of the 3-phase Highly Secure Crypto Concept. The functional concept was internationally patented by Navayo (Europe, Japan, USA) and is named Manageable Virtual Closed Network (MVCN®).
• Hardware-based highly secure IP-Communication
• Secbox
• Secfone
• Secberry (outlook)
• Holistic concept of highly secure mobile voice and data exchange
• BSI EAL4+ certification work in process for governmental passage
• Hardened Android OS outmaneuvers malware
• These key features make it unique:
o peer to peer secure voice communication capability, which causes nearly zero delay.
o hardware based authentication and encryption
o holistic approach for secure voice, messaging, application and email
• The use cases range from secure mobile email, voice, conferencing, desktop voice. The architecture is flexible allowing extensions and customisation.
• We can offer strong security consulting to tailor the solution.

• Introduction to the interview
• Please be so kind to introduce yourself shortly!
• Navayo is a technology expert company for highly secure communication. You told me in your briefing about the patented MVCN concept. What is the MVCN?
=> Manageable Virtual Closed Network
• Why is it so secure and how does it function?
• What are the key features which makes your solutions unique?
• In which cases you would recommend companies to use your security concept? Please show us some examples?
• Which kind of security products do you offer in this context?
• On which mobile platforms are the solutions available?
=> Android, BlackBerry, iPhone
• What value do Navayo´s highly secure solutions add to customers’ communication challenges?


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