Interview with Michael Kinsbergen, CEO Nedstat


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Michael Kinsbergen bekleidet seit Mai 2000 die Position des Chief Executive Officers von Nedstat BV und des Geschäftsführers der Nedstat GmbH. Von 1996 bis 1999 war als freier Berater und Manager in verschiedene Projekte und Transaktionen im Finanz-, Sport- und Transportsektor involviert. Davor arbeitete Herr Kinsbergen in der Finanzbranche für Unternehmen wie MeesPierson, James Capel und Paribas und betreute Börsengänge, Fusionen und Übernahmen verschiedener Unternehmen.


Sein Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften schloss er an der Universität von Kalifornien, Los Angeles (UCLA) mit dem Bachelor Degree ab. Weiterführende Studien an der Wharton School of Finance in Philadelphia, PA absolvierte er mit dem MBA.


History of the company and core competencies. What do you think are the most important topics, changes and innovations in the history of your company? What core competencies have been developed at Nedstat?

Michael Kinsbergen: We always try to focus on the needs of our customers. A few years ago, when the main role of online communication was to have a digital brochure, we mainly provided webmasters with basic visitor information. Today, with extensive online organisations emerging within companies and online becoming an essential business channel, the requirements of our customers have become much more advanced.

For Nedstat, this has meant that in the past 2 years we have seriously upgraded our product (31 new product releases in 24 months and the introduction of our new high performance Sietstat platform last summer), extended our offer with Consultancy (now a European team of 20 already) and Nedstat Academy (last year more than 100 courses given in Europe) and strengthened our management team and staff.


Future and challenges. What will be the most important developments and biggest challenges within the business-fields of your firm? What are the main success factors and competencies?

The biggest challenge for Nedstat is to help our customers use web analytics in an effective way so they can improve their online business. Emerging online organisations have to organise internal communication such that the continuous, real-time and dynamic information is put to work best.

This is not easy because it will require a completely new and real-time way of dealing with information. We try to facilitate this process by making the product as accessible as possible and providing personal support without delay, consultancy and a range of best practices courses.


Which developments does your business focus on currently? What plans do you have for the future – e.g. with video and mobile analytics? What is the unique selling point of your company and why should companies choose Nedstat?

The four main areas of development are advanced segmentation, easy to use integration with other online optimization tools and video and mobile analytics. Consumers will increasingly use video and audio on their PC or mobile device. In anything we develop, ease of use is key because we are convinced that many people within an organization must be able to use our products.

Segmentation functionality, for instance, is only worthwhile if it is truly easy to use. Therefore, we spend significantly more development time than our competitors in designing our user interface and the logistics of it. Several independent research institutions have praised us for this and we believe that we clearly distinguish ourselves in this crucial area.


People, Culture. How would you describe a typical Nedstat employee? Which requirements should he/she fulfill? How would you describe the corporate culture of Nedstat?

Our culture is young, innovative and very open in many aspects. If you visit our offices, you will notice that we have many open spaces and glass walls. Informal and direct communication at all levels is crucial in a growing organization like ours. The quality of the people is high and we expect them to take responsibility. The average age of our people is 33, we have 24 nationalities and the team spirit is very strong. Together we are Nedstat, a proud team.


Current projects, plans! Could you briefly outline any current projects? Does Nedstat follow a general strategy or are there any national strategies, e.g. for the German market?

There are many projects going on at the moment. One of these is “Nedstat Cool Company – The employer of choice”. We continue to grow fast and want to be able to attract the best people. In a competitive labour market like we are experiencing today, we must offer recruits the best possible choice.

We are doing very well in this respect already but we always want to be better again. The German market is one of our main markets for the coming years. The German online market is growing enormously but up until now companies have been hesitant to invest in web analytics if you compare it with the UK, Netherlands or Sweden. In the coming years this will certainly change because consumers continue to adapt the Internet and companies have no choice but to be competitive in the online channel.



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