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The choice is huge: If you look at Google for „Keynote Speaker“, the search engine finds millions of international pages in a few seconds. In this jungle of information, it is not easy to find the right motivational speaker for an event.

“First, you should clarify some key points for yourself“, advises Heinrich Kürzeder, CEO of the international speakers agency Global Top Speakers

– For what type of event are you looking for a keynote speaker?
– What topic? Motivation? Sport? Marketing? Success? Future?
– How much money is available?
– Who is the target audience?
– How many listeners are expected?
– What is the context?

If you discuss these questions in a personal conversation with a good speaker’s bureau, the circle of eligible keynote speakers can be quickly defined. „One of the strengths of Global Top Speakers Agency is the good advice“, says Heinrich Kürzeder. „Preliminary discussions are an essential source of information for us. We know each of our keynote speakers personally. Therefore, we often know very quickly whether client and lecturer match. This advice cannot be found in any catalog or on any website.

Bild: Global Top Speakers
Bild: Global Top Speakers

Global Top Speakers Agency´s deep knowledge of the keynote speaker market shows that not everyone who can speak and has expertise is automatically an inspiring keynote speaker. Even with celebrities you have no guarantee that the presentation entrains the audience. “We have a lot of brillant prominent keynote speakers like Formula-One-Expert Mark Gallagher, (“teamwork and leadership”), Olympic Champion in Ice Skating Katarina Witt (“achieving goals”), motivational speaker Richard de Hoop (“teambuilding”) or comedian David Deeble but sometimes it makes sense to book a slightly lesser-known keynote speaker, who fits better to the company, the budget or the objectives of the event,” advises Kürzeder.

Sometimes clients want a bigger picture and are happy with futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky , who talks about innovation and life in 2020 or they ask for a creativity coach like Bernhard Wolff, who is passionate about new ideas. Mountain climber and mental coach Steve Kroeger (“motivation”), extreme sailor Dr. Dominique Görlitz („teamwork“) and Rally driver Ellen Lohr (“sport and future of the automobile”) are also well-known among the Global Top Speakers.

„I ask all customers of Global Top Speakers Agency, what change they expect by the proposed lecture in the respective company”, says Heinrich Kürzeder. The success speaks for itself: with a detailed consultation everyone finds the right speaker for an event.

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